Thursday, July 30, 2009

din... din....

"Yanggggggggggg...." Din was calling out for me...
"Apa lagi tools yang ada untuk tukar tayar pancit?"
"Semua kat dalam kereta... Nape yang?"
"Tayar pancit lah... I try try ketat...."

I went to see the car. Oh memang patut pancit pun, high time to change the tyre.....

"tengok? apa tools you bawak keluar?" I asked him since he looked so in distress.
He showed me all the tools and they were the right tools.

"Ha, betul lah ni.... You kena pijak benda ni and henjut-henjutkan badan sampai screw tu loose..."

"Tak boleh lah" he replied....

I inspected the car... It was jacked up before the screws were loosen.. By then he had lost half of his energy...

"oh.... you must bring down the car first. Jangan jack dulu. Bila screw dah longgar baru boleh jack....."

"tak boleh punya......" he was giving up...

"Boleh, meh I try" I gave him the assurance...

So, once the car was brought down, I stepped onto the bar and henjut. Seeing how insightful I was, he asked me to step down...
"Let me try" he said

And within 5 minutes the screws were loosen.


Friday, May 22, 2009


Simon came last Friday to hand me this super cute Jim Thompson bag. He said he was quite fed-up with the usual birthday gift he'd normally give -CASH...
lol! but anyway, I'd be happy with either...

Then Zie came the next tuesday with a huge tub of this scrumptious pineapple tarts (well this pix was taken after 3/4 of the tarts were gone....) She ordered the tarts after I almost finished hers when I paid her a visit earlier this month... how thoughtful....

Yesterday Din, Simon and I headed to Nisa's for her fabulous Nasi Ayam... We had a small very informal pre celebration... Ordered the cake from Randau where Eika gave me a super discount!!!!! And the cake was to die for... Nisa was pleased that she got to keep the rest of the cake...

and I took home 4 tubs of mak bee's... heh heh heh....

also a pair of black sandals

and a very LOUD pair of pumps.... as birthday gifts from Nisa....

ahhhhhhhhhhh..... I am blessed.....
Happy Birthday Aiz...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

the little rascals, darla would be better...

I reminded him for the umpteenth time that we have to make a visit to TmPoint that day. Annoyed with the same reminder he asked me "You dah mandi ke belum?". Sensing his irritation, I lied "Dah".... Then he looked at me, scanning thoroughly and said "You jangan nak tipu eh, rambut macam Alfalfa kata dah mandi"

I rushed to the shower.... cit!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

candle, party favors...

I did this for my niece's 32nd birthday....

You'll need a wrapper with suitable motifs

cut it

using a craft knife, cut the details

cut plain paper by using the votive as template

this is for the plastic cover of the votive.
decoupage the plain paper on the cover.

decoupage the cut motif on the plain paper

add embellishment

paste it in the centre

taa daa... but I am not finished....

attend the Green themed birthday party

with a bunch of crazy friends

do Poco Poco with your relatives and friends

tie table napkins around your neck, for the 'a go go' number they were singing
to get the' matching costume' effect
make sure your friend sing the songs you like

and then pose with the green car that your friend came with, how coordinated!!!!

place the candle on top of your toilet bowl

place lighter inside for easy candle burning when you are doing number 2....


Thursday, May 07, 2009

craft lagi...

This was the first craft I made for Princess, an earring holder.
1. Spray paint the hanger.
2.Attach mesh to the hanger,
3. embellish mesh...

taa daa it's that easy...

I named this "Princess Magical Wand Ring Holder"
Tajuk yang amat panjang just for the fun of it.
I found this palette in Mydin. The pink is so cute that I had to buy it (with of course Princess in mind) I think it took me a trip to Jo ANN etc in L.A. to finally come out with this ring holder idea.

1. Wrap dowel in pink ribbon
2. Sew 2 star felts in contrast colour with opening to insert dowel.
3. embellish star felt with button
4. sew ribbons at the opening of the star, attach dowel
5. Glue the tiara to palette, attach dowels to the hole on the palette...
6. MMS the pix to the victim, in this case it was Princess (just to excite her!)
7. Drive to her house and send the product (no biggie, she's my neighbour)

This was an old cupboard that belongs to Din (did i mention ugly too?) I wanted to dispose it but I could do with the storage. So Husni came out with the idea, I did it and Din cleaned the floor filled with splatters of paint....( LOL)

My "dah abih" list... which I have to attach a piece of magnet at the back of it and stick it somewhere in the utility room or kitchen... can you see the bubble? Din did the spraying...... Can't complain since I can't do the spraying anymore. Fume might be harmful to the little one...

This was suppose to be a 10 min craft but I had to wait for the frame like two days (and with bubbles pulak tu LOL) Ez peasy jugak.

spray paint
cut felt, paste
paste post-it
embellish frame
attach magnet

you can get felts at DAISO (IOI mall/The curve) kat K.K , Sabah pun ada...
rm 5 big for the thin ones and small for the thick ones...

cheap ikea craft...

I made this for a friend whom we called Princess.
She loves all the Princessy stuffs.
She was my first victim having to accept all the crafts I made especially for her!

Din complained about me losing the track of time everytime I am in the craft room...
I found this simple RM5 IKEA clock.
Sewed a felt "THEBO" with stuffing and glued on top of the clock.
A 10 minute craft!
Din can stop complaining now...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Happy Birthday Kak Dee... May you are blessed with good health and wealth!!!!
Time sure do flies huh? I still remember when people always thought we were twins. It never bothered me, I always enjoyed that. Especially the after comments like "cantik ye, anak siapa?" LOL!!!!

We used to have the same baju, same kasut, same beg, same pencil cases etc etc etc.... They always buy the same stuffs for us, remember? Arwah abah bought us the same stuffs. When you got a Teddy Bear for your birthday, mine will arrive a month after. Mak will buy us the same undergarments even. Kak La got us the longest pencils in the whole wide world (so it seem at that time...) Ngah will get us the same pouches, begs... Even Abang Did got us the same beg from Thailand... Remember? Everything was times two, for you and I....

Then we got older and we become two very different individuals... Soon without realising the 'times two' of everything stopped. (though Ngah got us the same pair of sandals the last time kan) but everything else stopped. Betul tak?

But do you know what actually stopped? People buying for us that stopped. We still buy ourselves the same stuffs. You will get for me the same stuffs you got for yourself and vice versa. and I have a strong feeling this will never end..... till the day we die. I know...

So, remember this, every time you think you hate me for what I have said or done... Remember that out of all the relationships that we had, OURS was the best and will always be the best simply because there is no ending.......

Happy Birthday! hope you'll have a good one!


OK, I know, I know... I have not been updating my blog. The truth, I was busy updating myself with infos on crafts and organizing on other peoples' blog.

If you need to know, I have a craft room. Its forever messy with bits and pieces of swatches, papers, thread on the floor, on the bed (craft room is shared with guest bedroom, I'm not staying a bungalow, you see...), on the sofa. Din is having a hard time now. It used to be his prayer room but with the mess I make daily, its merely impossible to do anything there. hahaha

Anyhow, when I am there, I don't answer calls. I am a micro mini very small time crafter. I do stuffs for my nieces who are easily impress with the things I make. (ntah pape ntah- Though I secretly wish they won't grow up so that I still have people who look up to me when I am

I've snapped a few pix but never got the chance to post them. I am still learning and mind you, it's time consuming and can be costly. Only because I have to get stuff overseas. Unfortunately, I have not found any shops back home for me to get my crafting supplies. So if any of you know where to get crafts supplies here in Kuala Lumpur do please let me know...

Unti then........., but before I go, I'll leave you with a story from my previous flight.

Me "Sir, would you like to have The Sun as well?"

Sir glanced at the newspaper, frontpage was the launching of the new Proton.
I waited.

Sir "Tak mau lah..."

Me "So, ini tak mau ah?" referring to The Sun after he had taken quite a bit of other copies.

Sir " Tak mau lah, kalau mi-chi-dis ok la"

Me "emm? apa? I am sorry I beg your pardon?"

Sir "mi-chi-dis.... kalau mi-chi-dis ok la..."

Still puzzled I just had to ask him again because it did not make any sense...

Me " Apa sir?"

Sir "mi-chi-disssssssssssssss"

Me " Sir, I am sorry tapi apa dia?"

Then Sir's wife said something...

Sir's wife "mi-chi-dis la, itu keleta..."

Me tapping my forehead "owhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!"

How could I not get it that they were talking about a car??? DUH!!!!!!

Anyway, this Sir is not merely just a Sir. Yes, he can't pronounce the car properly and only converse with me in Bahasa but he was one of the most interesting Sirs I've served. With his wealth and status both his wife and him remain grounded. VERY!! and I know not many can do that....

ok folks, hope you have enjoyed reading this .. I'll be back... soon?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

my sweet orange

with him quitting, i guess that would be the end for me as well. the last show was a blast... even when my sweet orange wanted to remove the wig from my head, i made faces telling him to give me just a few more minutes having it over my head... to you my sweet orange, i may be young... in my heart i know i am... but i guess that will be the end... right now, at this moment it feels right....

**my sweet orange

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I have been tagged!

1. How has 2008 been for you in a nutshell?

full of derama..... tears.... and confrontations....

2. Apart from your family members, name one person who has made you happy in 2008.

my dancing team

3. Do you feel you are better off, or worse off, in 2008 than you were in 2007?

i am definitely better off in 2008

4. Where was the best holiday trip for you in 2008?

no holiday in 2008 but i was on leave a few times and i spent it at home, and i never realised that staying at home was that awesome....

a day picnic trip in ulu yam was just as fun.

5. Name three positive things that you have achieved in 2008.

1. i did a few crafts for friends

2. i represented malaysia(hahahaha for the first time) in a folklore festival.

3. i have learn to enjoy staying at home...

6. Name the best movie you saw in 2008.

was hairspray released in 2008 or 2007? i didn't have time for movies but i remembered clapping my hands while watching hairspray... because i thought it was really good!

7. Name five friends that you have made in 2008.

aydar, archum, pakopako, bill, marselle

8. What New Year’s resolution for 2008 that you have not achieved?

to start reading the last book of harry porter

9. What would your New Year’s resolution for 2009 be?

to start reading the last book of harry porter and the rest of the 18 book i bought...

10. Name 5 people you would like to tag.

principal, husni, ibu, komar, kak shana...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

WWWhat a begining.....

I have been away for a very long time. Not physically but my thoughts were. 2008 was the busiest year of my life. The minute when I thought I should quit dancing, I had a lot of "invitations". Well, what can I say? They needed me. Though I wish that was true, the truth is I needed it, its a part of my life keeps me sane.

Anyway, while I was in Billing ham, I was featured in their local newspaper. I repeat, I... and of course the team. That lead to an old friend searching for me high and low through facebook. (obviously, I didn't use my full name!) He had read it and realised that I still exist! (cit!!)

For some of my friends and I, we felt that we were a mini star. (not even a star ok, mini je...) though not many realised of our 2 weeks absence from work. (sigh... kesian kan...). The newspaper cutting was pasted in the office. (again, not many noticed!!!! Arghhhhhhh!!!!)
A month after that our parade photos were published in the company's news. (need I mention that nobody realised it was me????? HELPPPPPPPP)...

Seriously, I would really like to think that it was because of my hair. I always have short hair but last year, I kept it for the shows. It grew but still not that long. In the photos my hair was tied up into a bun. A BIG bun that is. So, I am hoping that was the reason they didn't realise it was actually me.... (pathetic.....)

Anyway, on the 5th of January 2009 the first text arrived. It was the beginning of the rest of the text messages that made me smile, from ear to ear that is...

My team and I were featured in the in flight magazine and finally they recognise me... well, that was because our names were written on the two paged picture... (oh dear!!!) Nevertheless, I was (still am) very pleased.

That, however did not prepare me for the phone call that I received. Zul, one of my "kuthu" society mms me of the pix. His comments were normal eg: wah! glamour.... you know, things like that... When he got back from his trip he called me at home via the house phone. That's not normal because we usually communicate via email and sometimes would meet up at small gatherings hosted by our mutual friends. Anyway, we talked about the pix and asked when is the last kuthu distribution ending. Since end of January is the last distribution, he proposed to do charity this year. We collect the cash and send to the needy ones. I thought it was a brilliant idea and made him known of the fact. Then he said "I was inspired by you. When I saw your photo and read the article, I told myself that I have to do something that as good as representing Malaysia, just as you did"

It felt good. I never knew that I can inspire people by doing the thing I love. That is truly an amazing feeling....

Before we ended our conversation, I asked him " Bangga tak masa tengok gambar I tu? "
and he said " Bangga gila, I rasa macam nak berdiri atas kerusi kapal terbang tu! "

Just writing the sentence above had put a smile on my face. I guess its normal for me to feel like walking on both aisles, from the front to the back with the page open and announce to each and everyone on board that the lady in the pix was me. hahahahaha.... ( yeah i know, kesiankan....)

Happy New Year everyone.... hope it's not too late.

Friday, November 14, 2008


I am quite furious with the situation now... My choreographer, Cikgu Ain quit. That left us with "ntah sape ntah" choreographing us for this coming show.  This person had placed me directly behind another person every time she choreographed a new song... I hate it. Cikgu Ain would never do that to anyone of us... Cikgu Ain is a pro. And yes I am blaming him for all this. If he had not quit I am very sure practise time would be a time of good laughs and loads of fun just like before.

I expressed my frustrations to Cikgu Ain. Knowing that all of us are so "gila kuasa" when it comes to performing, he gave me one good advise....

"Tak pe Aiz, kau buat je apa yang dia suruh buat sekarang... tapi bila malam show nanti, you make sure you can be seen....."

emmmmmm, we'll see.....


The love I have for them has taken its toll.  The cost of my vet visits this month has totalled up to RM1700. 

What a girl to do when she's broke? Decline all invites that might cause her to spend....

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ahhhh... no wonder lah...

Yesterday I had fun laughing at jokes only the two of us shared. His jokes were hilarious. When he teased me, I was not the only one that was amused but also to those who sat around us and knew that we were once an item.

Today, we found ourselves next to each other again. Laughing and giggling and making eye contact that send the same message. At some point, I wondered why we didn't make it since we always have fun when we are together.

After lunch he said "You are still driving a Wira??!!" (He saw Din picking me up on the first day)
"That's all I can afford, wak..." I answered.
"Both husband and wife working man..." he said, sounding as if both Din and I bring home RM10,000 each home. I just raised my eyebrows.

With that not only did I find the answer that I stupidly went to wonder, I also cancelled the plan of sending him to the airport. Just in case he might get blisters sitting in my Wira.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Family

Yesterday, I met my ex. Today he is sitting next to me. In this combined class, besides my ex and I, there are also his ex-girlfriend's husband and my ex cousin in law. The best part is we are all in talking terms...

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Hari raya

Today is the 2nd hari raya and i am on my way home. For now, home is where ayam masak merah, lodeh, baryani and kuah kacang are. I am really excited!
However, I am not thrill that ramadhan is over. My late nite home returning wud be as nerve wrecking as before. MomoKS are free now right! Yucks...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

biskut masin

I can't really remember when it was but I know I was really young. Mother had decided to hang a kilo of Ritz biscuits around our necks for finishing up the biscuits served by the then tenant of dad's house which was rented out. My sister was crying and I did not understand why. May be she was old enough to know that having a kilo of biscuits around your neck while others watch and laughed was an embarassment. For me, I was more angry than anything else but started crying when my sister couldn't stop her tears. Merely because I feared that mother would not think that I have learnt my lesson.

Well, we did. Having it hung around us for a good half an hour only made us the right people to finish up the biscuits. We did that too. ( not right away la)....

As I grow older, I realised that what my sister and I did was right. That was our rezeki served to us as guest and it was only right that we try to finish it. (though, I must admit that try is an understatement la)
Anyhow, right or wrong there was a lesson to be learnt.... Apa-apa pun, I am a better being because of that.

So thank you Mak for teaching me the hard way.....

Friday, September 19, 2008


On the way to the bundle sale that was organized by my company, we passed by the 'air asia academy'. Din pointed the building with his index finger and said 'he he spee na, spee na'
Annoyed and mostly worried that the items we plan to purchase might be out of stock I corrected him 'its spena la yang not spee na!'

'nooo, i will call her how i like to... Dia adik beradik dengan speedo la yang'
Well, ladies n gentlemen, that's Din for you. Full of crap, just like yours truly...

Thursday, September 18, 2008


" Eh... you want this bubur for buka nanti tak?" I asked Zai, a friend from my old neighbourhood.
"okey jugak" she replied.... and so I put the newly found freeze dried bubur into my cabin luggage.
5 hours after take off, the sun was setting. Milo o, tea black one sugar were the few orders I prepared for ifthar. Just as I was clearing the galley, Zai came in with a sad face.
"nak bubur" she said. I took the bubur out from my bag and begun the preparation. "bubur ni, tak de condiments lah.... kalau ada best sikit!" I said while pouring the hot water into the bowl.
Zai left and came back with some condiments she 'stole' from upperdeck for the instant noodles.
While I was stirring the bubur she said "muka kau biatch gilerrrrrrrrr, it covers up your kindness"

Biatch pun biatch le Zai, nak buat macam mana? dah keturunan lanun!

Monday, September 15, 2008


So.... it was the hottest topic discussed during Ramadhan.... Yup, MOMOK!!!!

I don't know... but as far as I am concern all momoks are tied up during this holy month... as according to Din "yang tinggal hanya lah nafsu". I believe that is true. That's why it baffles me when an acquaintance told us he was being "disturbed" TWICE during this month of Ramadhan. Never have I heard of such occurrences ever during my entire life. Or may be I have not live long enough to hear such story?

I don't know what to think really because the only momok that has been trying to "hempap" me during Ramadhan really looks like Din.... .... hahahaha......

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Captain " Eh, you look very familiar lah"

Aiz " Captain!!!!! You have forgotten???? When you were based in KK, I used to call you out to the Bours**** every time I have nightstops in KK"

Captain " Oh my!!!! That was many years ago"

Lisa " Owwwwhhhhh Bours****, that was one happening disco!!!!!"

Then suddenly I heard one young CIKU giggling behind me, obviously was eavesdropping to our conversation.

Aiz " Why are you giggling? You know where Bours**** is, is it? and used to hang out there too?"
I asked sarcastically.

Young CIKU " No, my dad used to go there......"

Cipet punya budak!!!!!!! cis!

Sunday, September 07, 2008


On my recent long trip, it tickled me to see the changes in all of us. Dayang used to shop for her clothes and shoes but that trip, I was dragged out of my bed to accompany her to buy a pair of shoes she saw a day before for her daughter. When the rest of us wanted to leave the mall, she asked us to proceed and without looking up she shouted "see you in the hotel room" while examining the skirt she wanted to buy for her daughter. Being with us 24/7 is no more important as compared to getting stuffs for her daughter.

We had a good laugh when Ita pointed out that going to the disco is not called "going to the disco" anymore, it's called "clubbing". Still, among us we still use the word disco. Like baju "disco", kasut "disco" and so on....

No matter what we try to adapt to the changes in us and the vocabs.... but nothing prepared me for this phone conversation between my choreographer and a mutual friend.

A friend of ours had partied hard and was unable to find his way home. Since he just had dinner with my choreographer, Cikgu Ain earlier, he was the only person that our friend could think of in order to help him home. So another sober, non driving friend called Cikgu Ain and tried to explain... "hello cikgu, can you help us. we can't go back. can you pick us up in Rum Jungle?"
It was at 6 am and Cikgu Ain responded "What? Jungle? where? ramp?".... and continued.... "what jungle in a ramp somewhere? where?" and finally he didn't even have to leave his bed. I guess upon hearing Cikgu Ain's VERY clueless answer, our sober, non driving friend knew it was useless... or shall I say Cikgu Ain is useless....

Yes, I had a good laugh... because even though I still call it "disco", I sure know what and where Rum Jungle is....

Oh dear Cikgu Ain, Jungle is not in a ramp somewhere... It's in K.L. and it's called Rum Jungle... I'll take you there one day k.....


Friday, September 05, 2008


Ramadhan is back. A big box of cotton buds is back next to my bed....

Thursday, August 28, 2008

i love

Hey that's me with Dayang, my partner in crime. I ve not seen her in ages. When I finally saw her last year she said "believe me babe, we are gonna do a long flight together".... Well, I didn't believe her but this pix was taken 5 minutes ago in Joberg. It's ironic how my partner in crimes are all the "DAYANG"S.....

Anyway, this is my new hair style.... Everybody love it and complimented me on the hair except for my poor purser..... He thought I have split ends. (damn him!!!!!).. Ritz wish to tell him that my hair style is so not during Sanisah Huri era.... I wish he did....

So whaddya think? Let me know....

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Sick of the stale bread for breakfast, the daily potatoes and other typical english food, Princess decided to cook for us. Before leaving for Tesco, she said " Aiz, P nak pegi Tesco, Aiz tolong masakkan nasi...." with that she gave me some other instructions I have to follow in preparing the rice. I gave her a horrified look and soon she turned to Dengong and started to brief Dengong instead.

Yesterday, I went out with Princess. I guess my horrified look in Billingham still haunts her that made her ask me a question. "Aiz memang tak reti masak ye?"... I explained in all honesty that I don't fancy cooking that much but however I can cook simple stuffs. Then she went "oooowhhhhh!" and continued.... "owhhh, Aiz tak suka masak tapi Aiz rajin berkemaskan....(a statement/question)" There was a long silence before she changed the subject....

Princess- the best team mate one could ever asked for.
princess (who cooked and cleaned for us), dengong ( my 21 year old partner in crime ), amji (our witty man) and I (who only did silly fun stuffs with dengong and amji)