Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Being the team leader for my group, I was the first to introduce myself during the project work. Besides telling them about my unimportant personal details, I also told them that I am STILL driving a Wira, a dented Wira.

The common status symbol is truly not important to me. Truthfully, if I can afford I would have gotten a better car. Instead whatever extra cash received every end of the month is spent on the house... The link house I share with my 7 cats and a husband. You see, the house is a dream come true. Hence, it is important.

During the two days of the class, I received compliments on the attires I had worn. The two kurtas that had not gone to the laundry basket after Faiz's "Indian Dinner", the two sarongs worn to match the kurtas, the jeans worn for the aggressive exercise and a few costume jewelleries to match. Questions like where did you get this and how much did it cost were common. Upon hearing my answers, they would normally take another quick glance at me for approval. The brands really do not matter to me, what matters is if I can look good wearing them.

Anyhow, whatever it is, the moral of the story is " grass is greener on the other side but hey.... they planted grass?? We planted Indian pennywort (pegaga).... cheaper but aesthetic value is high " (wink!)

and by the way,

Kurtas RM 10 each, by the dusty roadside.
Sarongs RM 25 & RM 12 respectively.
Earrings 3 for RM 10
Jeans RM 98 by Giordano
with an IRON -ON motif RM 4....

So, save your money people..... buy cheap clothing, they quickly run out of fashion anyway!
Buy what is important to you and you only....

Sunday, November 04, 2007


HAPPY!!!!!!!! (with Thebo)

the sound of the phone ringing interupted my deep sleep. tried hard to ignore but i picked it up anyway. it was her. sorry for disturbing your sleep she said and started telling me that she is sending my khutu money tomorrow. yahoo.... i bubbled. then she requested for a good lighting in her room. i have been putting off the plan of getting the perfect lighting for the room downstairs. the room she uses every time she is here. then i told her about the lighting i wanted for my kitchen. she was shock but the next minute she said, ok. ok? OK... she is sending me the money tomorrow.... whaddya know.....

to be cont......