Friday, June 29, 2007

kuang kuang kuang rsvp pt ii

Being away from home with a team of colleagues whose mind matches yours is like being away on a holiday. A day is felt like a second... The thing I really hate about being away from home for a long time is that when you are finally home, the reality arrived. Errrrghhhhhhhh!!!!!
Today, I came home facing a dried up pond, hungry cats, hungry fishes, tons of bills in the letter box and my car is 1075 metres away from home...

When the necessary phone calls were made, you get news of your own stupidity which you are strongly against. Two of the days while I was away, I received two invitations to two parties. RSVP was included in one of them. Being extremely excited about my upcoming July schedule which requires me not having to work for 16 days straight(yahoo hoo), made me think of nothing else but those dates. I RSVPed only to find out that the month of the invites are in JUNE and not JULY. I, Aiz, the one who wrote about how important it is to RSVP, RSVPed and did not turn up to one invitation for failing to read the invite properly. Arrrrghhhhhhh!!!! How STUPID one can be....... ( am so so so sorry FAIZ)

So People, (aiz and all blog readers) " you only RSVP after understanding the invites"
Oh well, I am merely human. I shall get some rest now and wake up in a few hours to get ready for the second party which I initially thought will be held in July. Thank god I am back in time for otherwise my blog about RSVP will be void!!!!!

Friday, June 15, 2007


About five years ago, a friend who got married was furious when some of whom he invited did not turn up on his wedding day. He made a big fuss out of it and stressed on the R.S.V.P. which was neatly printed on his wedding card. That was when I discovered that to respond to an RSVP is very important. It actually make sense because hosts would not put RSVP if they don't want us to respond to an RSVP.

Just what does RSVP means? It is a short form for Répondez s'il-vous-plaît or Réservez s'il-vous-plaît, a French phrase that translates to "Please respond"

This RSVP thingy had been on my head for three weeks now for I just could not understand why people are so bad at responding. Merely any excuses are not excepted BECAUSE thanks to technology, we have ways to communicate.

It bothered me so much, that I looked it up and found that RSVP is also Response Shall Verify Presence in English. Ahhhhh......that explains better than French. Which means, if they don't respond, they are not coming right?
There are people who don't respond and turn up. Or when they do respond, they respond at the very last minute when all the preparations are done. To make matters worst, they'll bring someone along. la la la la la .....

Some don't respond and decided to come with a phone call on D Day, only to find that the host can't accommodate their request and it ended up with a misunderstanding.

You see, a supposedly well organized party can be messy if we still don't understand and comply to any invitations. So, when it says RSVP, we respond please and when it says dress naked, we come naked please, please, please......

Bali - RSVP required...

lima puluh satu - RSVP not required
errr.... sommmmetimes...

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

He works mysteriously...

Low allowance month.
Tons of bills to pay.
Three cats sent to the clinic.
It's all about money. Money Money Money MOOOOOOONNNEYYYY 2X!
Received RM50 as a token of appreciation!
Extended RM5 for each of my two colleague's children.
Bought a birthday gift for a friend.
Got home, received RM100 from a best friend as a birthday gift......
GOD is GREAT!!!!!!! GOD is GREAT!!!!