Sunday, March 30, 2008

Kan mak suruh jadi doktor....

"Faizah........." my name was being called to see the doctor.

I like this doctor, she's very friendly. Every time something is not right with you she will take the time to explain the cause of it and how to prevent it in 'ENGLISH'.

"Yes, yes.... so what's wrong with you today, Faizah?" she asked.
"I have urine infection" I said.
"Owwwwhhhhh" she exclaimed with a smile.

Then we went through the Q&A. By 7 minutes, I was already out.
Add another three minutes, I was on my way home.

After dinner Din asked "Doktor cakap apa yang?"

"Doktor cakap, it's common especially if you kurang minum air and suka tahan kencing. I guess in my case it's both kot?" I explained.

"Ohhhh...." he sounded interested.

With that I took the liberty to explain into detail as how the friendly doctor had explained. The only problem was I kinda forgot the right term she used. So I ended up sounding silly than I look. (I look: bad hair day, hair tied up on top of my forehead)

"Doktor kata, sebenarnya bukan I tak puas kencing yang. Kuman dah mainkan perasaan sensor dalam bladder I. So secara tak langsung kuman tu dah mainkan jugak perasaan I yang asyik terasa nak kencing je"

I guess I was lucky again this time, he did not make any faces instead he said " jahatnya kuman tu mainkan perasaan you...."

Tomorrow I hope the kuman won't be there to play with my feelings again. Penat tau!

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Mike said the only thing in life that you must really have is passion of doing the things you love. Without it, you'll be lost. I've never really given it a thought but today I realised that the only thing that I look forward to every year is the yearly dance performance.

I really can't explain the feeling I get with each and every move I make. The joy of performing to me is probably equivalent to the joy of having sex to some.

Someone once said that I am too old to be dancing but hey.... the dancers in Buenos Aires have grey hair..... duh!

Friday, March 21, 2008


sometimes, a certain family member sucks.
sometimes, that's the reason you hang out with your friends more often.
sometimes, you just wish you can make that person disappear.
sometimes, you wish hate is not a strong word since you've been repeating it over and over again.

sometimes, you wish you are the only child.....
but then again why should you?
not being the only child had taught you the lesson of sharing.
not being the only child had taught you to be thankful.
not being the only child had taught you the lesson of patience. (ada was was sket kat sini)

but hey, you do feel like you are the only child since mother would do just about anything for you.

to the sour grape, UWEK :P
mother loves me most!!!!!! and I am glad that she's not afraid to show the world!!!!!!

take this

and this

and this too

this also

eh... eh... don't forget this one....

guess what she got me on her reason trip?

can't tell you... hihihihihi.....
nanti the grape lagi sour.... susah!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


" Hello, hello... I know I'll be the only one in First Class today!!!!!" exclaimed the friendly Mr Vandervi-something something in his dutch accent.

I chuckled.

"You are right Mr Vannn......." I said trying to get his name right.

"Call me Tim, Fai-E-z....." Mr Vandervi-something something cut me but he too was having trouble pronouncing my name.

"It's Faizah but call me Aiz, if you want to" I said casually.

"Nooooooooooooooooo........(frowning), you are hot! So how could I call you ICE?" he said.


"Oh no Tim, it's Aiz as in EYES? How would you like that?" I said.

flutter! flutter!

"Ahhhhhhh.... EYES.... as in beautiful eyes....." he said.

FLUTTER! FLUTTER! FLUTTER! teeth showing!!!!!!!!

2 hours into the flight, Tim came while I was in the galley and asked me to assist him with his telly. We returned to his seat and got the movie he wanted.

"Ahhhh.... thank you Eyes......" he said.


"Your most welcome Tim and by the way, the next time you need something, just press the button ok, you don't have to come all the way there to get me...." I said extending my hospitality....

flutter! flutter!

Tim didn't smile. He was frowning almost looking angry. Then he said "if my father were to see me do what you have just suggested, he would kill me"


I was shocked and immediately apologised. Then I told him it's ok for him to get us any way he wanted to. He smiled and continued to watch his movie.


When we arrived, Tim kissed my hand and thank me for the wonderful flight.

flutter! flutter!! flutter!!! flutter!!!! flutter!!!!!

Tim is 61 year old music industry business man. He slept throughout the flight after the movie.

I wish there are more people like him.



"You failed your maths? No wonder you're a stewardess......."

I was taken aback. Not because I actually didn't fail my maths but for the first time in my 18 years career someone relate my job to being non academical straight to my face.

Was is alright for me to be angry?
YES, because they truly don't know what one go through underneath the tight kebaya and the birthday cake make up.

Was it necessary for me to justify?
NO, I shouldn't have. It is after all between GOD and I and the people that I had served.

What happens the next time should something similiar occurs?
I would just shut up and smile as I should have (the first time it happened). One supposed to be that cool.

What if I get really angry?
I would still shut up and smile and walk away.

You shouldn't be around people who drain you out.

I should should should should should should REMEMBER!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I am supposed to wake up in five hours. What wake up? I haven't slept and I so have to. But going back to my room makes me feel lonely. Ntahapaapantah. Tomorrow, it'll be my 18th year with the same company.... What have I gained besides my unmanagable weight????

stress lagi.....
dun even wanna think about it.

I can't wait to be home...
I have to be ready in 5 hours... i better get some sleep, put on the falsies and flutter them thru the journey home.....

NAK BALIK!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Abang: "Bye Uncle Din. Abang nak balik dulu..."

Uncle Din yang dah lama tidur despite the noise we were making pun AKHIRNYA terjaga.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


The routine:

-set alarm.
-wear yesterday's attire.
-ensure 'green bag', purse, room key taken before leaving.
-walk, slowly- but since I've studied the traffic lights at the very massive junction, my trip took a shorter time.
-make the purchase.
-buy coffee and hope for a free sample.
-walk back.
-return HOME.


almost solved puzzle, packing these items are always challenging!

well, they maintained "unsolved" in the end

Thursday, March 06, 2008


The lady arrived in a typical 'I got no time to dress up' housewife attire. her voice was soft with a northern accent. In my position, flat on my tummy, I managed to catch a glimpse of her. A sweet smiling lady. Through her conversation with my makcik urut, I found out that she just had a miscarriage and and just finished her confinement.

'Lama lagi ka?' she asked Mak Long, my makcik urut.
'Haa, lama laa lagi' Mak Long answered.
'Bukan urut setengah jam ja ka?' she asked.

Mak Long and I exchanged quick look with a frown.

'Setengah jam urut, nak rasa apa?' Mak Long chuckled.

I smiled through the piercing pain, very pleased with Mak Long's answer.

'Ni baru lepas beranak ka?' she asked Mak Long referring to me as if I was non existence.
'Dak eh, ni nak kasi beranak la ni' Mak Long answered.
'Muda lagi kotttt....' she said, or asked rather.

'Tak' I answered, trying hard to be positive.
'Oh... brapa umuq?' she asked.
'Tiga puluh enam dah..' I answered, already very annoyed.
'Kahwin lambat kot?' she continued, nosily.
'Emmmmmmmm' I answered, hoping to sound rude.

She then blabbered on about her two elder sisters who are not married at the age of 35 and 38. I smiled, reserved my comments. She continued and I wasn't paying attention.

Then as if a humongous monster appeared out of no where she said...
'Nasib baik suami tak bukak cawangan lain ye.....' .

The pain I had to endure with Mak Long's magical fingers were nothing compared to this
statement made by this... this... this.... errrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhh... I just have no words to describe this rude and insensitive creature.

At that particular time, all I wanted to do was to point a gun at her temple and........


she left after my silent treatment

24, Faubourg

Can you define a person by knowing the perfume they are wearing.
If so, try define me....

(gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme mo.....)

Monday, March 03, 2008

let's... bersuka ria..

A typical scene at Faiz's office.
All busy doing their "aku banyak kerja lah... tak boleh bersuka ria"

Komar, siap dgn calculator besaq.... have not return to Naz yet... perompak!!!!

Faiz's staff, Erin pun sibuk gak....

Faiz, boss besaq pun busy.....
Semua tak nak layan aku.... Kesian aku.....

But, I'm busy too y'know.... Have to think hard on seven letter words to score...
yeah, rite.... yawn..... cepat lah abih keje, you all......

aiz is smirking


well, it croaked myself to sleep last nite.....

i hope i scooped it ALL out!!!