Sunday, March 25, 2007

Cradle Snatcher

Watching Ogy's long prayers after Dafi teased her during his performance last Saturday reminded me of my own, when I stumbled upon a darn good looking young man recently. Or shall I say a teenage boy who was sent by JPA to further his studies.

Our first meeting was right in front of the toilet and I said to him, " Dik, can you take your ablution else where? " He then said that all the toilets were full and that he will make sure that the toilet he was about to use will remain dry when he leaves. While he was performing his prayers I took a quick peep at the toilet, and true to what he said it was dry. Since we were about to finish work and was keeping everything in place, I have decided to let him know. So, while folding one of the prayer mats, I stood behind him.

When he was done, I quickly called for his attention "Dik...." but before I could finish my sentence he turned and that was when I saw his sweet wide smile revealing his finely ordered teeth, beautiful eyes with medium range lashes that almost curl, his fair baby-like skin and a powerful soothing voice to match.... I was almost speechless. I gathered my then very weak strength and told him that the prayer room will be closed the minute he leaves. He smiled and said "okay". With a smile that immediately put anyone on cloud nine, I attempted another question and asked him where will his Uni be? He smiled and answered. By then I was desperate to see more of the smiles that hardly cross my path. What are you majoring in? I asked probably looking like a fool. He SMILED and answered. At this point I was already melting and just refused to end the conversation or the Q & A rather and asked him. "So, which school did you go to?" He smiled and said "STJ" and I thought, eh? wait a minute, STJ??? Why was it so darn familiar????? As if he could read my mind he said "It's in Kuala Pilah".. My expressions changed and said " oh... that was my husband's school" (kuang kuang kuang)

The minute I uttered the word Husband, I finally came to my senses. Just what was I thinking???? A boy? who have not seen the world?????? I must be kidding myself. Long prayers were said and before I knew it I saw him again to bid farewell. He thank me profusely and I wished instead of saying Your welcome, I truly wanted to say " don't go breaking any one's heart, you hear!!!!!"

And that was the end of my short lived excitement. A very stupid one too......

Monday, March 19, 2007

money vs love pt 2

In my previous blog , I had written about how money can beat LOVE. The truth is that that was what I felt only at that particular moment when I was writing.

I always believe that money alone won't make you happy. Money and Love however, do.
Of late the topic about money arises wherever and everywhere I turn. It always make me sick to the stomach when money overrides LOVE.

A long good friendship turns sour. Parents acting cold. Relationships go into the tumble dryer, got folded when they are out. All because of money. The sad thing is that it all began with LOVE.
Love your friends. Parents love you. You fell in love and have a relationship. If love is the priority than money should come second, never first.

The thing is they knew that it all began with love but somehow was blinded by the root of all evil. question is should I come out straight and give them a piece of my mind or should I stay quiet and witness them destroy themselves?

Friday, March 16, 2007

sombong or shy?

Anyone who knows me with the exception of Husni will be surprised to know that deep down I am a shy person. The funny thing is that I have just discovered it. I always wonder why I was and still get categorised as somebody who is quite snobbish. When I look back, I realised that I hardly have any conversation with a person I have just met. Worst, if they are in a group. The ice breaking procedure will sometimes take a longer time than I expected. However, if I can relate to that particular person, phone numbers will be exchanged almost immediately.

Husni will sometimes get upset when I put on that snobbish face of mine. Not that I want to but it comes naturally if I am having that awkward shy feeling. I wish I could explain why but I myself have to struggle with an answer to every occasion I put on that snobbish face..

Being in a customer service line, I am expected not to be shy hence a snobbish face is a big NO NO.... and if you happen to see me at work, you will think that I am lying. You will see a happy friendly person with a smile except if I have to wake up at wee hours in the morning than you'll see just a friendly person with a smile. Why? Beats me....

Maybe I don't have to spend the whole day talking to them. The most would probably take me an hour with a lot of intervals. Plus, I have a few other customers at one go. So, for a shy person who is not shy at work, I think that's fair.

Anyway, above all that I am very content with my life. I have an interesting family, few friends I trust, 5 shy cats and a husband who often rescue me from my shy moments. Being shy is a predicament?
^toot^ NO!!!!!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Cape town

Table mountain after the rain.