Monday, July 21, 2008

at 542am

That was one of the stupidest entry i've ever read but it made my heart jump with tears rolling down my cheeks while trying hard not to let mother know that i am still up blogging.... sssyhhhhhhhhhhhh.......

i love you too nunui and thank you.....

*stupidest entry click here


ok ke 2 postings in an hour??? just because i have too many stories to tell and too little time. Still suffering from jet lag, not knowing what to do (banyak sebenarnya... kain tak lipat lagi, but u'know something that is stress free) I have decided to blog.

Since i have posted 2 entries, this third one is just to remind me to write about my birthday celebrations (note the plural)..... How busy i was, about the show that we just did and how crazy and stressful my life is right now.... and how i spend 1k in a day without seeing the things i bought?????? told u, i've gone bonkers...

ok, lah mak aku dah bangun nak sembahyang subuh... sebelum dia jerit baik aku tip toe perlahan-lahan, aku type pun dah perlahan sgt ni....

anyhow, i'll be gone for 2 weeks. I would call it a two week dream come true.... i'll update when i come back... toddles...

dan yang paling untung, AKU...

Orang kata dia ngada-ngada. Pakai baju seksi-seksi. Rambut tak nak kalah JLo, blonde gile. Bila aku kata dia ok, orang suruh aku tunggu perangai nagda-ngada dia tu.

Aku pun tunggu.... dan tunggu.... dan tunggu.... dan tunggu.... dan tunggu....

Tak de pun? Ke sebab aku pun ngada-ngada sama? Memang baju dia seksi, rambut dia blonde gile... Kalau mak aku jumpa dia, mesti mak aku tak kasi kawan dengan dia. Tapi time kita berdansa, gelak gembira, bergurau senda..... dia hilang. Not in sight!!!
Pegi solat rupanya. Kita shopping shopping, dia pun on je tapi kejap kejap dia hilang. Lagi sekali... not in sight... Pegi solat lah, apa lagi???

Bukan zaman sekarang kita tengok orang kat hati dia ke? Tapi kalau nak kata don't judge a book by it's cover pun tak boleh jugak, sebab "cover buku" dia vogue. Hati dia pun vogue jugak. Aku suka colour rambut dia, cantik. Hati dia pun cantik macam rambut dia. Pemurah,tak berkira. Paling best dia langsung tak hirau kan orang lain... Kalau dia bercerita, dia cerita pasal dia je. Tak de pun pasal orang lain?

Bila dia menari, senyuman dia sorang je yang cikgu nampak. Cikgu kata walaupun dia salah salah steps, tapi sebab senyuman dia yang cantik itu, dia salah steps tu boleh di ampunkan. Aku meleret jugak. Lenguh muscles pipi aku di buatnya tapi cikgu tetap nampak senyuman dia. Tu lah Orang hati bersih, dalam senyuman pun ada cahaya.

Mungkin cahaya aku ada malap sket kot. Takpe lah nanti aku suruh cikgu suluh...

Apa-apa pun, dia dah jadi kawan aku sekarang dan yang paling menarik sekali, dia JIRAN aku...


"mak, Aiz hutang mak brape ribu lagi ah?"

"ahh sudah sudah lah tu, tak payah kira lah...."

"ei, kena lah mak... aiz nak tau ni bila aiz boleh jolie duit yang aiz selalu bayar hutang mak tu..."

"habis duit kutu ni habis lah hutang awak" (kutu round ni habis dalam masa 4 bulan lagi)

Din pun sampuk " hutang mak tak habis bayar lagi ke?"

"mana ada yang... hutang lama tak settle, i dah buat hutang baru dgn mak"

"hutang baru yang mana ni?"

"yang i amik lampu tu lah..."

"eh itu bukan pakai duit kutu ke (duit kutu aiz)?"

"memang lah pakai duit kutu, tapi i pakai duit kutu mak...."

"abis tu? duit kutu you?"

"i buat benda lain lah..."

Mak aku gelak je sambil menyembat tulang belut, teluk belanga baju merah....

Lepas tu kan, masa dia menyembat tulang belut, teluk belanga baju biru, talipon pun berdering....


"hello mak, aiz ni...."

"ha nape aiz?"

"aiz nak pinjam..........."

maka bertambah lagi lah hutang aku kat mak aku ni....
nasib baik ada mak.... thank you mak.... hihihihihi

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

tsk tsk tsk shame on you

it was a nightmare for me everytime i went back to melaka. All mothers were already seated on the left passenger's seat but my mother was still driving. Yup, I started driving at a very late age. Give me a manual car and I would probably crash into practically everything in front of me. Ask me to stop at the traffic lights and the engine will stop after changing the gear. I would scream if I drive next to lorries and hated if motorcyclist were in front of me at the traffic lights. So, what made me very determine to drive?

The taxi driver with amputated arms. Still, I couldn't beat him. I am still afraid of driving manual cars. I was truly amazed with how he had driven the taxi. It put me to shame..... Till now.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Azzarro sayang.....

My love Azzarro
It's time you should know that beauty dies
trust me, that's not a lie..

My sweet sweet Azzarro
To my eyes you are the rainbow after the rain
my solace when I am in pain...

My kind Azzarro
You are symphatetic, obliging, trustworthy and extremely funny
what's there not to love about you honey?

You are full of life and so much fun
a person I would not trade with anyone
I see your beauty when I see your name
hearing your voice, I feel the same.
I would hug you all the way if I could
but you and I know that, that's not too good.

So remember Sayang,
you are so much more of every single thing that you think you are not
and I personally think that even you can be so HOT!

Saturday, July 05, 2008


This is my dad in law. After being away from home for more than a week, abah (and us) had a lot of cleaning up to do. Unfortunately the water supply in his area was still not available and that was the reason he was away for a week. Thinking that the water supply was available approximately after a week, abah had asked us to send him home.....

Unfortunately, we were wrong. So, I offered to take abah for a night in Melaka but abah missed home badly and decided to stay even without the water supply.

That's Din scratching his head in the hot sun.... merely taking a break from carrying two full buckets of water from the neighbour's well for abah. We just couldn't bare the thought of abah living without the water supply so we figured the least we could do was to fill in his tank in the bathroom.

Din showed me the way to fetch water from the well.

The well was quite deep. According to Din, you must flip the bucket when it reaches 2 inches above the water. Smashing the bucket on the surface of the water will stir the dirt on the floor of the well. So, this tough looking job has to be done gently..... GENTLY.... Boy, it was a hot hot day....

That's me playing "Melissa Gilbert- Little House on the Prairie".
For some obvious reasons I smashed the bucket on the water many times
before I got it right!
how to estimate the 2 inches thingy from above???? susah lah....
It wasn't that easy and after smashing the bucket twice and flipped it (wu-hoo) once
I have decided that the"Melissa Gilbert" game was not fun at all....
it was a very.... very very hot day.....

So, after these two buckets were filled......

I let Din play the "Melissa Gilbert" game... hihihihihi.....
and I must say..... he played it well....
the late Micheal London would be so proud of him....

tet tet teret tet teret... tet tet teret tererererereret.... tet tet teret terererereret...
(little house on the prairie punya lagu.....)

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Venue : Rasa, Alamanda.
Time : 1730hrs

Gerai Malay Lady " Ye Moi! Mau makan apa?"

Aku terkejut, membulatan mata.

G.M.L. " Moi..... Mau makan?"

Dia mengulang soalan awalnya itu.

Aku masih terkejut lalu menjawab....

" Ye, mau makan....."

G.M.L. " Nasi berapa? "

" Satu saja..." jawapanku sungguh baku sekali dengan accent Ah Moi ku.

Din tergelak lalu segera membuat pembayaran makananku. " Berapa?" Din bertanya.

" Wahhhhhh! Banyak makan ah???!!!!!!" kata si G.M.L. itu sambil menjeling le arah pinggan ku.

" Ye lah, Ini Ah Moi cantik banyak lapar ohhhh...." jawab Din sambil menghulurkan duit.

Aku? Aku rasa nak belasah je makcik ni!!!! Hampeh tul!