Wednesday, December 05, 2007

boleh pakai ke?

Dear Jazzmatazz,*

How to know if the person likes you question left me awake the whole night thru ..emmm… mostly perplexed. Just when I thought that the years of experiences had made me a smarter person, I was hurt many times. Out of the many men I have dated there were only one who was honest with me. The rest left without saying goodbye without any apparent reasons. However so have I. (guilty)
I thought that they have such vile nature and again so have I…. (erkkkkk).

Nevertheless a crucial observation is utterly essential. Scrutinize them without them realizing. Explore casually. Show interest. **Find out if he likes you but that my dear takes a lot of courage. You have to be brave for the answer might be the one not to your liking or otherwise. (wink!)
I would not waste anymore time. Its quite tiring y’know to play the “do you like me, do you like me not” game.

Getting straight to the point can save you from the feeling of not knowing,
which can seriously lead you to

heart beating
like a drum

mild palpitations
uneasy nights
sweet dreams
only to wake up
to the reality

unnecessary stress
fatuous tears
bad mood
the 24/7 frown
till your forehead

the lighted fags
till you burn
your chest
grueling hangover
chill eerie

the long bath
the sweaty palms
cold walks at nite
the loneliness

yours sincerely,

*a long lost aquaintance

**there’s art to it. It’s not free…

feel it?

feel this?

ahhhhhhhhhhhh... feeeeeeeellllllllllllll this.........