Sunday, February 26, 2006

What a week.... Sigh..

our new house

The week started with a fax that was handed over to din. A quotation of our built in wardrobe and kitchen cabinet for the new house..
staring at it for hours did not help to reduce the prices in the quotation.

Finally after a long thought and a longer "stare", we decided to go ahead with the kitchen cabinet and settle with an Ikea wardrobe.
I fetched Nisa and headed to Ikea. I need to survey, I told her. Plus Husni was there to guide me on my future purchases.

Nearing Ikea, we heard a strange noise, like something had snapped. When the car stopped, we knew something was really wrong. Fortunately for me, it all happened infront of "Proton Edar". Walking there, I seek for assistance and found one. Aziman was going to tow my car and get it fixed, as soon as possible at his workshop, where he is a part time mechanic. With that RM 1100.00 was given to him. Nisa loaned me RM 850.00. (HOORAY FOR NISA)
Husni asked us to drive ourselves home with his car. (HOORAY FOR HUSNI)

Still has a lot of things to do and errand to run, my sister was kind enough to lend us her kancil. (HOORAY FOR DEE)

Today, we ended up in IKEA again to get some last minute stuffs before the sale ends. The queue to pay the parking ticket was extremely long that I have decided to queue and din to bring the car over and meet up with me at the "pick-up" area. When I was done, I called him. In distress, he told me the car stopped suddenly and something must have given way. I arrived at the scene witnessing three strangers helping push the kancil to the side. (HOORAY FOR THE THREE STRANGERS)

I rang my sister and told her of our predicament. She simply said " NO FUEL ". When I looked at the meter, I saw the needle was pointing to "E"..


The first person that crossed my mind was Shaniza but it was close to 11 pm and she wakes up at 4 am to go to work. ( I forgot it was a weekend ) so I called Komar instead. I briefed Komar. He got the picture and made his way to rescue us.

When the crowd at the Ikea parking space subsided, I pushed the car out of the parking lot with the help of 2 security guards. (HOORAY FOR THE SECURITY GUARDS)

Komar finally arrived elegantly in his black vehicle. Hair trimmed with dark framed glasses, black t-shirt, he looked so intelligent holding the fuel can and a make do funnel from a cut mineral water bottle. After a series of failure attempts, we finally managed to empty the fuel can and got the car running.

Casually I told komar that " he's the best " and without turning back, in the same manner he answered " I KNOW.... "

i like confident man... ( though i thought i heard that his pitch was unusually higher but anyhow.... HOORAY FOR KOMAR )

Anyway I am safely at home now and feeling very tired... Thanks to the very stressful week I had...

Nevertheless it was quite an experience that have taught me a lot about myself and others...
I know for a fact that i cannot make it through without the help of my family and friends..

I thank ALLAH, for giving us good health and all the rezeki that he has given us in so many different forms and ways....

Thank you mother, for your time, your love, your patience and most importantly your money... ( we will pay you back as soon as possible... )

Nisa for lending me the much needed cash ( that I have already paid, FYI...)....

Husni for letting us use his car to drive ourselves home....

my obliging sister for being so understanding and accommodating.. and the kancil..

Sarina for picking me up to buy food for my feline relatives..

Shaniza for being the first person that I thought of...

the three strangers and the two security guards for helping us push the car...

and last but not least.... My hero for today, for being at home and promptly came to rescue us without hesitation...


Wednesday, February 15, 2006


mestikah kau tanya
yang tempatku berharga?
tidak ku minta
kau sedikit harta

mestikah kau tanya
yang tempatku berbeza?
tidakkah kau tahu
yang aku tidak berpura pura?

mestikah kau tanya
yang tempatku purba?
tidakkah kau tahu
yang media kita berbeza?

mestikah kau tanya
yang tempatku tidak berwarna?
tidakkah kau tahu
yang aku tak mahu mendengarnya?

kenapa mesti kau tanya?
bukankah ini ku punya harta?
dengarlah kata sarina, si teman kerja,

you woke me up and inspired me.
thank you for letting me be who i am..
being with you have always been refreshing and sometimes rewarding..
you have thought me a lot about life, i am grateful..
looking forward to more happy times...

Monday, February 13, 2006

emphathic equals to "NOT ME"

I wish I was nicer to her ... Probably said something nice to her... But I was always stiff around her.. Strange how I work... standoffish one minute, convivial another.

while my siblings ask her important relevant questions, I just stood there hiding. I scowl and looking schmaltzy.. I wanted to express my feelings. How sorry I was that this is all happening but I kept on hiding.

today, I was told that it had spread to her left brain. She had asked for our prayers and forgiveness..

I was speechless...

I just wish I had said something to her..

something like...

please forgive me if I have hurt you in any ways,
I may appear unfriendly but I have a good heart.

I am sorry for what you had been through,
that is something that I am not envious of you.

I can't imagine the life you have,
with my blue-eyed relation living with you.

it is probably unsightly, intolerable and unpleasant,
but you go through it without ascribing.

obliging, accommodating, compromising, devoted, GOD fearing,
you were with living..

I wish you well and I hope you will never give up,
for there's more that I can learn by just looking at you.

I truly am sorry..........

Sunday, February 12, 2006

the big man...

this is my man... the big boy... the love of my life.... thebo...

just the girl

she was just the girl from the same block,
words were never exchanged,
eye contact was never made...

she was just the girl from the same room,
ice was broken,
we had a conversation...

she was just the girl i knew,
relationship askew,
we had to be true...

she was just the girl i hobnob with,
quandaries dispensed,fete together,
with fun, fray, apathy and laughter...

"and who was she again?"

she was just the girl who became a friend...

Thursday, February 09, 2006

I guess it's not wrong...

when I met him, he taught me....

from benighted to enlightened,
from wasted cash to well spent cash,
from computer paralysis to computer savvy,
from flats to 4 inch heels,
from beastly to beauty,
from ikea to eames,
from yawning to beaming...

when he met me,
for years....
I have intensively listened to his explanations,
for years....
I have exhaustively watched him draw,
for years....
I have steadily smelt his pencil lead against the paper,
for years....
I have searchingly tasted his dreams,
and for years....
I have actively been helping him to touch his goals...

recently,I made his drawing come to life...

so I guess it's not wrong for me to say "HUSNI KATA......"