Monday, February 13, 2006

emphathic equals to "NOT ME"

I wish I was nicer to her ... Probably said something nice to her... But I was always stiff around her.. Strange how I work... standoffish one minute, convivial another.

while my siblings ask her important relevant questions, I just stood there hiding. I scowl and looking schmaltzy.. I wanted to express my feelings. How sorry I was that this is all happening but I kept on hiding.

today, I was told that it had spread to her left brain. She had asked for our prayers and forgiveness..

I was speechless...

I just wish I had said something to her..

something like...

please forgive me if I have hurt you in any ways,
I may appear unfriendly but I have a good heart.

I am sorry for what you had been through,
that is something that I am not envious of you.

I can't imagine the life you have,
with my blue-eyed relation living with you.

it is probably unsightly, intolerable and unpleasant,
but you go through it without ascribing.

obliging, accommodating, compromising, devoted, GOD fearing,
you were with living..

I wish you well and I hope you will never give up,
for there's more that I can learn by just looking at you.

I truly am sorry..........


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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