Friday, June 20, 2008

"mirror, mirror on the wall...", "WHAT THE..."

I can never point out the similarity between us hence it puzzles me every time they say I look like her and I act like her. This svelte mother of two speaks very intelligently. She dresses to kill, very bold and outstandingly smart. Even with the brief introduction one can tell that I am nothing near being similar to "F.R.".

I met her today at the office. She looked gorgeous. Her jet black hair was even better than Rihanna, yes Rihanna the singer. I couldn't recognised her from the back but it was my menakan who told me that it was her. From where I hollered her name, she looked like a teenager. When she turned towards me, she looked even better. This "I am like her" thingy kept on playing in my head when I scanned her beautiful self. These people must be blind. "F.R" was in front of me and I didn't feel like I was looking in the mirror.

We said our hellos since we only "meet" on facebook. I complimented her good looks but she pretended not to hear. How modest. Then she confessed that she reads my blog and that her doctor husband reads it too. She then went on that she enjoys reading it. I was flattered. Well, now I know that at least we do have something in common, this blog.

Since I don't often take compliments well, I felt awkward and decided to do the disappearing act. You know, look at the watch and pretend that you are very late to do something important. Yeah, that was what the coward me did. But before leaving she asked me to write more often.

So I left her there looking very pleasant just by standing still. Sigh..... She didn't wear any falsies.....

As I walked away, I already knew what to write tonight. I mustn't make "F.R." wait for my next post. As I started typing, I found that my fingers continued tapping the keyboard flawlessly about her. Scientifically, that brief meeting sub consciously made me think a lot about her and what she had said today.

Humanly, it's because I like her.

F@zlina R@mly, I hope you enjoyed reading this.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

where bonus went...

the lima puluh satu clan has a hybrid car....
RM8 for every 155km...
not bad eh....


Yes, I was truly upset over the incident that happened. I knew I did my best and I knew I always give my 100% cooperation. Maybe I forget sometimes but hey, I am merely human.... But I guess you should know that this is one of the things that I love best!!!

I hated looking back at the video and hearing your voice correcting our movements and postures. I had no choice, I had to because I am committed. But what I memorised was not the steps. I knew when your voice was gonna be heard and I knew what was gonna be said. It was awful and my sadness reemerged again.

I am glad that you felt guilty on your entire journey to Osaka. I seriously think you ought to because you just couldn't imagine how unfair I felt I was treated.... How I dreaded the trip over to the studio yesterday. Thinking that yesterday was gonna be a disaster.

Well!!!!! I am glad it wasn't. Thank you for being human yesterday. I am glad you took that holiday to Osaka and I am glad you enjoyed it. The truth, I always knew you are a nice person and that was one of the reasons why I felt truly bad. I am glad we are friends and thank you for the birthday gift all the way from Universal Studio, Osaka. I loved it!!! It's so me.

orang jahat itu a.k.a. the choreographer

birthday gift all the way from OSAKA...

and since I am at it, thank you DIN for the Fantasy perfume.... I know you hate Britney Spears but you still bought the perfume for me anyway.... I love you...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Finally, I got it!!!!
With Husni's cash that he gave for my birthday plus the cash that menakan gave for my birthday, I bought a pair of sunglasses.

Thank you Husni & Enna......

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

as quickly as he came into our lives

The passing of Troy was very tragic that it made Din cry. I've never seen him cried like that before. He cried after he buried Troy and in the middle of the night he cried again.. He kept on repeating that he should have closed the gate, which he normally would. The thing is before he left he saw Troy on the table and said to himself, ok Troy I'm gonna lock you up when Aiz and I are having dinner. But when he came back, there was no Troy to lock.

It breaks my heart every time I see tears rolling down his cheek from his big eyes. Eyes that reminded me of Troy's. Those big eyes that refused to shut when he died.
"his eyes were big, yang... and I just couldn't close them.." Din said as he was crying softly.

Dinner was dull without Troy's plea for human food. It might sound silly to some but Troy was truly an amazing cat. Despite having 5 other cats, the house is really quiet today.

What touched me the most was this other "i don't give a damn about anything" stray who actually came up to our bedroom and was trying to snuggle with Din... which he never did to anyone. As if he could sense Din's misery.

This morning Din cried again and my hand did not suffer the cramp which Troy usually give when he rest his head on it all through the night. There were no big eyes looking at me while I did my laundry. Right now, as I am writing this, there is no more cat to shoo for disturbing me.

It feels empty.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Troy was attacked by dogs. He died. Unfortunately, Din had left the gate open while grabbing ourselves dinner. I was having a shower. Troy's pelvic was broken into four pieces when we found him, hence running was a bit difficult. It was a tragic death and it breaks my heart. Troy was a good cat. Though I often called him 'bodoh', he was actually smart. Very smart. I shall miss him.

Monday, June 02, 2008


Going to work in uniform means you don't have to crack your head on what to wear the next day. Unfortunately, it also means that if you want to do some gallivanting right after work, you have to change. Most of the time in order to save time, we change in the car. This is what we usually call the "SUPERMAN". Example of a complete sentence would normally sound like this : "I will SUPERMAN later" or "I SUPERMANed".

Unlike other famous superheroes, Superman also change in a confine area. The only difference is that we obviously have no superhero powers and we don't change as fast as Superman who already has his superhero outfit underneath his clothes.

However, I must admit that I am really good at SUPERMANing. I have also SUPERMANed during the day...... many times. Anyway, if you plan to SUPERMAN, there are precautions to be taken.

#1 : pray that your friend is not coming in a Kancil or any similar cute cars...

#2 : SUPERMAN only with those who really knows you...

#3 : make sure your friend is not easily shocked. I mean it's okey if you're slim and that your skin is super fair and flawless.... those with "tyres to spare" and have loads of "coins" maybe should consider something else... hahahahahahahaha.... I only SUPERMAN with Din and my girlfriends. They were already "SHOCKED" by me before I SUPERMAN with them....