Tuesday, June 05, 2007

He works mysteriously...

Low allowance month.
Tons of bills to pay.
Three cats sent to the clinic.
It's all about money. Money Money Money MOOOOOOONNNEYYYY 2X!
Received RM50 as a token of appreciation!
Extended RM5 for each of my two colleague's children.
Bought a birthday gift for a friend.
Got home, received RM100 from a best friend as a birthday gift......
GOD is GREAT!!!!!!! GOD is GREAT!!!!


Anonymous said...

Aiz! Lama tak baca your blog.. I totally ignored my scripts this afternoon and read everything that I've missed! Didn't even know you went for Umrah! Bestnya! You must tell me all about it when we meet up, and I hope soon ok! - Zaza

Anonymous said...

Oh ya, forgot to leave a comment - yes God works in mysterious ways. I am sure all of us have had that amazing "wow, Allahuakbar" moment. And I'm not surprised you got that space in Raudhah, babe .. because you have a good heart :) Zaza

aiz said...

thank you zaza, for ignoring your script??????? just to read my blog. hahahahaha! and thank you too for the kind words.... hehehehehe.