Thursday, September 11, 2008


Captain " Eh, you look very familiar lah"

Aiz " Captain!!!!! You have forgotten???? When you were based in KK, I used to call you out to the Bours**** every time I have nightstops in KK"

Captain " Oh my!!!! That was many years ago"

Lisa " Owwwwhhhhh Bours****, that was one happening disco!!!!!"

Then suddenly I heard one young CIKU giggling behind me, obviously was eavesdropping to our conversation.

Aiz " Why are you giggling? You know where Bours**** is, is it? and used to hang out there too?"
I asked sarcastically.

Young CIKU " No, my dad used to go there......"

Cipet punya budak!!!!!!! cis!

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