Thursday, May 07, 2009

craft lagi...

This was the first craft I made for Princess, an earring holder.
1. Spray paint the hanger.
2.Attach mesh to the hanger,
3. embellish mesh...

taa daa it's that easy...

I named this "Princess Magical Wand Ring Holder"
Tajuk yang amat panjang just for the fun of it.
I found this palette in Mydin. The pink is so cute that I had to buy it (with of course Princess in mind) I think it took me a trip to Jo ANN etc in L.A. to finally come out with this ring holder idea.

1. Wrap dowel in pink ribbon
2. Sew 2 star felts in contrast colour with opening to insert dowel.
3. embellish star felt with button
4. sew ribbons at the opening of the star, attach dowel
5. Glue the tiara to palette, attach dowels to the hole on the palette...
6. MMS the pix to the victim, in this case it was Princess (just to excite her!)
7. Drive to her house and send the product (no biggie, she's my neighbour)

This was an old cupboard that belongs to Din (did i mention ugly too?) I wanted to dispose it but I could do with the storage. So Husni came out with the idea, I did it and Din cleaned the floor filled with splatters of paint....( LOL)

My "dah abih" list... which I have to attach a piece of magnet at the back of it and stick it somewhere in the utility room or kitchen... can you see the bubble? Din did the spraying...... Can't complain since I can't do the spraying anymore. Fume might be harmful to the little one...

This was suppose to be a 10 min craft but I had to wait for the frame like two days (and with bubbles pulak tu LOL) Ez peasy jugak.

spray paint
cut felt, paste
paste post-it
embellish frame
attach magnet

you can get felts at DAISO (IOI mall/The curve) kat K.K , Sabah pun ada...
rm 5 big for the thin ones and small for the thick ones...


Lana said...

The little one? ye ke aiz? congrats!!!

aiz said...

insyallah.... 7 weeks... do pray for me k... looks like my blog will be updated for the whole year! yippie!

wanshana said...

I'll repeat what Lana had just written - "The little one?!"

Congrats, my dear!!!

My do'a that everything will be fine with you and the lil' one, insya Allah.

Take good care of yourself :)

aiz said...

thank you kak shana... thank u so much!