Thursday, September 18, 2008


" Eh... you want this bubur for buka nanti tak?" I asked Zai, a friend from my old neighbourhood.
"okey jugak" she replied.... and so I put the newly found freeze dried bubur into my cabin luggage.
5 hours after take off, the sun was setting. Milo o, tea black one sugar were the few orders I prepared for ifthar. Just as I was clearing the galley, Zai came in with a sad face.
"nak bubur" she said. I took the bubur out from my bag and begun the preparation. "bubur ni, tak de condiments lah.... kalau ada best sikit!" I said while pouring the hot water into the bowl.
Zai left and came back with some condiments she 'stole' from upperdeck for the instant noodles.
While I was stirring the bubur she said "muka kau biatch gilerrrrrrrrr, it covers up your kindness"

Biatch pun biatch le Zai, nak buat macam mana? dah keturunan lanun!


D.N.A.S said...

I have one question, kalau tengah fly kita berbuka ikut timezone mana?

aiz said...

ikut time zone berbuka yang terdekat. selagi ada matahari, selagi itu lah kena minum air liur je... itu pun nasib baik kalau air liur ada lagi...