Sunday, January 18, 2009

I have been tagged!

1. How has 2008 been for you in a nutshell?

full of derama..... tears.... and confrontations....

2. Apart from your family members, name one person who has made you happy in 2008.

my dancing team

3. Do you feel you are better off, or worse off, in 2008 than you were in 2007?

i am definitely better off in 2008

4. Where was the best holiday trip for you in 2008?

no holiday in 2008 but i was on leave a few times and i spent it at home, and i never realised that staying at home was that awesome....

a day picnic trip in ulu yam was just as fun.

5. Name three positive things that you have achieved in 2008.

1. i did a few crafts for friends

2. i represented malaysia(hahahaha for the first time) in a folklore festival.

3. i have learn to enjoy staying at home...

6. Name the best movie you saw in 2008.

was hairspray released in 2008 or 2007? i didn't have time for movies but i remembered clapping my hands while watching hairspray... because i thought it was really good!

7. Name five friends that you have made in 2008.

aydar, archum, pakopako, bill, marselle

8. What New Year’s resolution for 2008 that you have not achieved?

to start reading the last book of harry porter

9. What would your New Year’s resolution for 2009 be?

to start reading the last book of harry porter and the rest of the 18 book i bought...

10. Name 5 people you would like to tag.

principal, husni, ibu, komar, kak shana...

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