Tuesday, April 21, 2009


OK, I know, I know... I have not been updating my blog. The truth, I was busy updating myself with infos on crafts and organizing on other peoples' blog.

If you need to know, I have a craft room. Its forever messy with bits and pieces of swatches, papers, thread on the floor, on the bed (craft room is shared with guest bedroom, I'm not staying a bungalow, you see...), on the sofa. Din is having a hard time now. It used to be his prayer room but with the mess I make daily, its merely impossible to do anything there. hahaha

Anyhow, when I am there, I don't answer calls. I am a micro mini very small time crafter. I do stuffs for my nieces who are easily impress with the things I make. (ntah pape ntah- Though I secretly wish they won't grow up so that I still have people who look up to me when I am crafting..lol)

I've snapped a few pix but never got the chance to post them. I am still learning and mind you, it's time consuming and can be costly. Only because I have to get stuff overseas. Unfortunately, I have not found any shops back home for me to get my crafting supplies. So if any of you know where to get crafts supplies here in Kuala Lumpur do please let me know...

Unti then........., but before I go, I'll leave you with a story from my previous flight.

Me "Sir, would you like to have The Sun as well?"

Sir glanced at the newspaper, frontpage was the launching of the new Proton.
I waited.

Sir "Tak mau lah..."

Me "So, ini tak mau ah?" referring to The Sun after he had taken quite a bit of other copies.

Sir " Tak mau lah, kalau mi-chi-dis ok la"

Me "emm? apa? I am sorry I beg your pardon?"

Sir "mi-chi-dis.... kalau mi-chi-dis ok la..."

Still puzzled I just had to ask him again because it did not make any sense...

Me " Apa sir?"

Sir "mi-chi-disssssssssssssss"

Me " Sir, I am sorry tapi apa dia?"

Then Sir's wife said something...

Sir's wife "mi-chi-dis la, itu keleta..."

Me tapping my forehead "owhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!"

How could I not get it that they were talking about a car??? DUH!!!!!!

Anyway, this Sir is not merely just a Sir. Yes, he can't pronounce the car properly and only converse with me in Bahasa but he was one of the most interesting Sirs I've served. With his wealth and status both his wife and him remain grounded. VERY!! and I know not many can do that....

ok folks, hope you have enjoyed reading this .. I'll be back... soon?


the principal said...

Bakat terpendam/ terpadam?

I have so much time now, dok pikir apa aku nak buat? Art & craft sounds like loads of fun...

Wah! kalau En Pardan baca ni, mesti dia puke...

aiz said...

hahahahahaha was that his name??? kelakar tul!

more of bakat terpadam. it is very interesting... u know how we used to call ourselves the ring ring kid because we can't live without the phone (be it in block b/staff room) kan???? in that room, my mind is solely on crafting....

hahahahahaha talk about being one of the ring ring kids.... oh dear! it was fun wasn't it madam principal?

Lana said...

haha.. i remember en pardan with his curly hair and smile. ada dimple kan?
err, aiz.. dont stop blogging, ya?

Anonymous said...

mi chi dis...interesting..Lee Kim Yew kah?