Thursday, February 15, 2007


she said no obligations. buy, only if you are going or if your friends are going... well, i was going that evening. i took the details. green and not more than rm30.

i got what she wanted. i got what i wanted but what i did not get was a solid 2 hours rest before the journey home. we stopped shopping at 4pm. at 5pm there wasn't any sign of us getting back. it was getting colder and darker. by 5.30pm everyone was restless. we should get back to the hotel at least by 7pm, i thought. no decent shower but we 'll at least make it for the flight home. 5.45pm, i query for another option back even if it will cost me a bomb. quite strangely, i was not worried... i have faith. 6pm we managed to struggle in a cramped van back to the hotel. journey was long. the traffic was horrendous. i managed a nap.

7pm, we were in front of the hotel. got in the room to find a message that the flight was delayed. which means a decent shower, ample time to pack and sitting comfortably drinking two cups of coffee.

see, i told you i have faith.... because just before i left, i asked her to pray that the journey to get the rm30 saree would not be difficult.

even the journey home was not difficult as i had suspected, i knew she already prayed for an easy journey for me all the way there and back home..

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