Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Would you rather....

have many friends or a handful of very close friends...

have beauty or brains...

have the same sex best friend, or an opposite sex best friend whom you obviously don't have to compete with...

have a big salary spending it all on yourself with a few outstanding bills or a small salary with no outstanding bills monthly...

be known as the person who wears branded stuffs who actually has to tell the world or a person whose branded stuffs are subtle and merely for self satisfaction...

take or give

live in a house like a kindergarten with mismatch furnitures or a house like a factory with furnitures that compliments......

what would you rather have or do?


zaza said...

I would rather

have a handful of very close friends...

have beauty (ok ok I know, you're supposed to choose brains .. but that's how it is in today's world)

have an opposite sex best friend (but that doesn't mean we don't compete)

have a big salary spending it all on yourself with a few outstanding bills

be known as the person whose branded stuffs are subtle and merely for self satisfaction...


live in a house like a kindergarten with mismatch furnitures (have i committed a designer faux pas?_

My turn: Would you rather

spend your extra time with family or friends?

be single or married?

be short or tall?

be thin or curvy?

be honest with a friend and hurt his/her feelings or lie to protect his/her feelings?

Semua orang kena jawab tau!

aiz said...

the first question is obvious....

extra time with friends...( i know, so salah.... but do my cats consider as family?)



curvy tu ada lemak tak? kalau ada i rather be thin... tapi kalau curvy tu solid molid i nak curvy lah...

depending on what type of friendship i have with them... if we take husni as an example, i'd rather be honest and hurt his feelings... in fact i always do that.... well not that he was always hurt by my opinions but the bottom line is i would rather be honest...

tapi kalau kenalan je, macam acquaintance or somebody that is not thhhhaaaaaattttttttt important to you... i would probably lie....

anyway, i salute you for wanting to stay in a house that looks like a kindergarten with mismatch furnitures....

husni said...

friends....but kalau ada family member yg ngam takpe

single but attached at leisure

tall, tapi still muat king size bed

not too thin like right now

honest with fren, but then again it took me almost 4 years to be totally honest pun..xzq

husni said...

xzq tu courtesy of troy...kucing paling penyibuk kat mukim dengkil ni

ismah said...

-handful of close friends le..
- brain.why?with brain i can get whatever it takes to get "beauty"
-none of th above boleh?wld rather have 'sufficient" salary and have no outstanding bills...the biggest contributor to migrane!!
-one who wears branded stuffs for self satisfaction
-kindergarten with mismatch furniture? Of course not!!never

-selected family members and friends
-curvy yang solid boleh/
-tall but within the "generally acceptable standard'
-married but sinle (adake? ada.....)
-depends...if it is some1 u care, i wld rather be honest even if it might hurts


aiz said...

now.... shall i answer my own questions?

i choose all after the ors....

handful of close friends


no outstanding bills

subtle , self satisfaction

give, give, give, give, give...

factory with furnitures that match.....

kuntakente said...

aiz, same-same.

Ross said...

my answers to all the questions: depend on the ciscumstances la...

zaza said...

i'm changing my answer - i'd rather live in a factory with matching furniture!!

thought it was the size of the house, not design!!

ross, cannot say depend on circumstances!!

~dzuffy~ said...

brain definitely,
but then again i'm dating somebody smart and damn cute.

same sex definitely, but what if your same sex friends biggest dream is to be born the opposite sex?

big salary, spend them all by myself, but then again, i have bills to pay and face creams to buy. and bagi duit kat mak and adik and friends.

branded stuff.
but then again they are all discreet. i love the feeling of memakai baju GAP yang beharga RM 8, atau giorgio armani yang beharga EU 2,500.00. it gives me that tiny little smile. mahal murah same je.

mismatch furniture definitely. but altogether it has to look classic.

you know. very vera wang. but mismatch.

take or give?
i like to see the smile on people's face when they take.

Ross said...

1. I rather have handful of very close friends
2. I choose brains
3. Same sex
4. syukur dengan gaji yg sedia ada
5. self satisfaction
6. Give
7. No answer

ok ker...zaza puas?

zaza said...

ross, tak puas coz you haven't answered my questions :)

Anonymous said...

handful of close friends
same sex
small with no outstanding
never wear branded stuff, brands not important to me
a small cozy house. doesn't matter if it looks like a kindergarten or a factory or with mismatch furniture. having a house to live in alone is a blessing from Allah.