Tuesday, September 26, 2006

ramadhan's emo

Come back at least once before Ramadan, she said. And don't forget to ask Din to bring his water pressure thingy, my drains need serious scrubbing, she continued. While we were there, Din cleaned her porch and her drains while I lazed in her room watching the telly. During the not many conversations we had, I ended up knowing that she needed a pin cushion and a new sewing basket. So among the many things I got from the 100 yen shop, I got her a set of pin cushions, a scissors and a sewing basket. Before leaving for Dubai, I asked her what colour material she would prefer. Anything but red only if you have enough money, she said.

On the way back to the hotel, a colleague asked if the material in Dubai is worth buying.
"I don't know" I said. "With the Nilai 3 and what not I really can't tell".
"Then why did I see you buying a few materials?" he asked
"Just feel like buying something for mother. Its a nice feeling to get a gift y'know." He just smiled and probably thought it was stupid.

She told me to post the material to her. It's cheaper than having to drive down to Melaka, she suggested. And so, we did. I told her that she might get the parcel tomorrow and that I've also posted the pin cushions and the sewing basket. With a surprised expression she said "you did???? You have bought me all of those?"
Annoyed, I said "Yeah, I bought it at the 100 yen shop I was telling you about..."

Then there was a pause. A long one... After my third calling of "MAK!" she struggled to finish her sentence "thank you... thank you child... you are a very kind and thoughtful daughter!"

Dubai material RM 55
Pin cushion RM 3
Sewing basket RM 3
Scissors RM 3
Postage RM 18

mother's tears.... Priceless.....


born-again drama queen said...

*sniff* i want my maaaamiiii too..

aiz said...

hawkeye...its her emo week lah this time around....

Ross said...

gud girl aiz...