Monday, August 07, 2006

Not meant to be

He was always there staring down at me. Good looking but neglected. I often tried to be friendly but he was never interested. Yesterday, I was staring down at him. He looked terrible. I thought he could use some water. He drank without trying to get up.

Dr Nancy discovered a bag of puss in his stomach, maggots at his swollen foot and bones were visible from the wound he had on both of his legs. It was an awful sight.

Today, Dr Ding informed us that he did not make it. I just wished that Din could have send him sooner. Din was sadden by the news. Said that he will never forget the pain and suffering endured by that poor soul. I had mixed feelings. Secretly I had wish for him to eventually be a part of us, a family but to know that he was not suffering any longer was a great relief.

I told Dr Nancy to put his name as "CAT" on his examination card. I guess he was never meant to be a family. He was just a cat that had crossed my path.


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